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"Certainty of Death ......

... Small chance of Success, what are we waiting for" (Gimli LoTR) was exactly what went through my mind this morning when I woke up at the southern end of the Lofoten Islands with rain hammering on my tent and wind howling outside.

A quick check of the forecast showed whilst the rain would ease later in the day the wind would pick up to Gale force. So I had to ride 300km of peninsula in torrential rain, with multiple high bridges in strong winds that were building all day. Every bridge was "fun" in that I didn't know which side of the road I would end up on and the cross winds on one bridge were so bad I was banked over just to go straight!

Did I mention the rain? Now everyone knows I am not a fan of caving but I was actually looking forward to the tunnels, the 8.6km one in particular was a great relief. Wet pants after the first hour. No worries, put the heated seats on. Awesome you would think? No, still wet pants but now felt like I had wet myself!

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